Sustainable manufacturing

SCHWENK is one of the most innovative building materials producers in Europe and strives to be the leading in sustainable business practice. With responsibility towards environment, global resources and people, we produce highest quality building materials for a broad range of customers. Our environmental standards are one of the highest globally. We constantly monitor the impact of manufacturing on the environment, implementing various environmental protection and preservation activities.

85% alternative fuel

SCHWENK Latvia cement plant in Brocēni is one of the modern industry examples in Europe where 80% of the used fuel is alternative. Its use reduces emissions of the manufacturing process and provides more environmentally friendly approach. 1500°C-2000°C temperature in the kiln prevents any waste and harmful emissions going into the environment and air.

Plant was launched for operation in 2010, and specifically built for the use of alternative fuel. All fuel is regularly and strictly controlled before it is used in the SCHWENK Latvija plant. Suppliers perform a full chemical analysis of materials in the independent, accredited laboratory and submit the test results to SCHWENK Latvija before deliveries of these materials. Additionally, tests are also performed in SCHWENK Latvija laboratory for each freight delivered to the Brocēni plant. Use of alternative fuel in the plant is supervised and controlled with the operating console and laboratory, the fuel is stored in modern storages, but ashes produced during the burning process are used in production of clinker.

Alternative fuel used in the plant is specially treated and prepared household and industrial waste (SRF), chipped tyres and neutralized polluted soil. After use of alternative fuel, zero amount of any kind of waste enters environment. Ashes formed during the fuel burning process bind with introduced raw materials in the kiln – limestone, sand, clay and form final product – clinker. It is the main ingredient of cement. Thus, fuel used impacts also the quality of final product.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

t CO2/t clinker

Level of emissions

Investments in the construction and constant improvement of processes have helped us to reduce the amount of emissions for 33%, in comparison to historical cement plant. Cement plant in Brocēni annually saves as much CO2 emissions, as 200 000 passengers vehicles create, each making 20 000 km a year. Already now SCHWENK is one of the industry leaders in the reduction of CO2 footprint and it is one of the most important investment targets also further.

Energy efficiency

SCHWENK Latvija implements wide program of activities to reduce consumption of non-renewable natural resources. We perform constant improvements of processes and technologies, heat and modernise buildings, increase efficiency of logistics and use of alternative fuel.

SCHWENK Latvija has an energy efficiency work group constantly monitoring energy consumption and developing scenarios to reduce it. All largest consumers of power – devices and plants are equipped with separate power consumption meters. This allows following consumption in details, analysing, planning it and introducing change of equipment and other improvements. We focus on finding ways to improve thermal energy efficiency in clinker production, replacing older devices with modern equipment. For example, currently used clinker kiln consumes half amount of thermal energy than the technology used previously. In grinding we use vertical cement mill that consumes 40% less energy than ball-mill.

SCHWENK Latvija achievements in energy efficiency is proved by standard ISO 50001:2012.

Sustainable logistics

Considered logistics planning and training of drivers allows us to reduce impact on environment and costs.

Every day SCHWENK Latvija delivers the manufactured products with around 200 vehicles – bulk cement cisterns, packed cement and aggregates trucks, ready-mix mixers and pumps. We use also railway and maritime transport to deliver products to export countries.

It is important for us that SCHWENK freight forwarders are responsible and highly valued road users adhering to safe and courteous driving principles. Sustainable approach in transport organisation is an important part of the logistics team activities. Deliveries are carefully planned, selecting shorter routes with less intensive traffic, and to maximum extent performing deliveries during periods of low-traffic. Our drivers are very responsible towards the cargo and vehicle, they do everything it takes to become a friendly and safe road user.

We also invite other road users to participate in the improving of the driving style of our vehicles. On the back of SCHWENK Latvija vehicles you will find a phone number for reviews. We are proud that positive reviews and comments are much more than negative. SCHWENK Latvija has repeatedly received the Safest Fleet Awards of the insurance company Balta contest – Safest Company Fleet.

Product sustainability

SCHWENK Latvija produces and develops environmentally friendly building materials with responsibly sourced local raw materials; our production takes place according to highest standards.

We care for preserving of global resources and it is pictured in our sustainable business strategy and responsibly manufactured products. We use local raw materials as much as possible, reducing logistic network and therefore – fuel consumptions and emissions of the motor transport. Alternative fuel and alternative raw materials are used in production of cement – side-products of other industries, replacing natural non-renewable resources and therefore reducing their consumption.

For several types of our manufactured cement we have performed evaluation of the cement manufacturing cycle and received EPD certificate. It analysis ecological footprint of the cement manufacturing process – beginning with obtaining of aggregates up to the final product.

Circle economy and waste management

SCHWENK supports circle economy principles and responsibly cares for treatment of manufacturing waste. We do not produce waste water and waste during the manufacturing process in the plant, manufacturing cycle is fully closed.

SCHWENK Latvija implements strict internal waste management system. We sort the waste produced during manufacturing process, afterwards delivering it only to certified waste management companies. Majority of waste created in the manufacturing process are put for recycling – it returns to manufacturing cycle as raw materials and are used in development of new products.