Health and safety

SCHWENK mission is zero harm. Safety is our priority and people – our greatest asset, therefore we focus a lot on the improvement of working conditions, training and development of safe working environment culture.

Safety of employees and contractors

Every day in all locations we apply the Mission Zero concept – to spend a working day free of accidents and make sure all employees return home to their families safe and sound.

Company takes care of safe working conditions, personal protection equipment depending on the work specifics, education and training of employees and contractors. On their turn, every employee is aware – safety is the company's priority and everyone is responsible for that with their actions. Employees are actively involved in the improving of work environment – they identify potential risk factors in everyday life and initiate activities for preventing them. Safety violations and endangering others is the most serious violation of the internal regulations of SCHWENK.

We focus a lot of attention also on the work of contractors and their employees. SCHWENK performs work safety briefings and supervises cooperation in all their stages. We care for the compliance with labour safety requirements and use of personal protection equipment. Labour safety responsibilities and duties are stipulated in agreements with contractors, thus we are able to immediately without compromises react to any breaches of work safety, discontinue unsafe and dangerous actions or activities.

Visitor safety

Visiting any of our plants, also guests have to adhere to safety and internal regulations.

SCHWENK Latvija plant in Brocēni is the only cement producing plant in Latvia. We are delighted to welcome visitors who want to know more about this complex process. Due to the workload of the plant and continuous operations, we can allocate limited time to excursions. Due to safety preconditions all guests have to observe regulations related to visits to plant and other objects, use personal protection equipment. You can be in the territory of SCHWENK Latvia plants only under supervision of the responsible employee. All visits should be arranged in advance.

Health and safety road map

Knowledge and awareness is very valuable protecting us from daily threats and always reminding – health and safety is our responsibility. Our reference point for the implementation of health and safety culture is the Mission Zero road map.